Assetclub Unveil Gamefi Project with 1M Token Airdrop: Merging Tradituonal Finance with Web3

[PRESS RELEASE – HONGKONG, CHINA, November 28th, 2023]

Since 2023, the development of the crypto market has been hindered. Lack of funds, loss of existing users, insufficient incremental users, high entry barriers, and unclear regional policies have all put the crypto asset market in trouble.

While the crypto market has made significant progress over the past few years, there is still a degree of skepticism about the traditional financial community’s acceptance of digital assets, thus limiting the crypto market’s access to more investors and liquidity.

The collision and integration of traditional finance and Web3 have been accompanied by the evolution of the industry. However, due to the insufficient popularity of blockchain technology, traditional financial users can not easily enter Web3, and the high use threshold and education cost of web3 products have also been important factors limiting the development of the industry.

Bear Market Dilemma, Web3 Embrace Traditional Finance

Traditional finance has enough funds and users. Thus, how to introduce traditional financial resources and users into Web3 has become the focus within the industry. And there are not many products on the market that can solve this problem yet.

Recently, a team from Hong Kong launched a gamefi project hoping to solve the above problems.

AssetClub, a mobile application based on Web3, just launched its investment game, and currently has its million ACC token airdrop going. And it plans to launch a decentralized investor community and a digital asset investment platform in the next step. Through these functions, Assetclub is committed to leading global investors into a new era of digital assets by providing a fair and open investment platform based on a decentralized network.

In order to reduce the difficulty of using web3 products and user education costs, AssetClub has also made innovative solutions to integrate digital asset investment into the game, allowing users to experience the role of investors easily and intuitively.

While playing the game, it teaches web3 knowledge to users, making the investment process easier and more fun, and greatly reducing the learning cost for users. Through real-time market information and community interaction, it helps users adjust strategies, build a digital asset community, and provide Web2 users with a new experience integrating investment and gaming.

AssetClub overturns the traditional concept of investment. Through the combination of simulation and randomness, it allows players to verify and optimize investment strategies in a short period of time.

Digital asset elements are integrated into the game, including digital currency, pledged fixed income, DeFi, RWA, etc., helping users gradually understand the concept of digital assets and enter the era of digital assets through games. Through these innovations, AssetClub has become the world’s first product to integrate the real-world investment experience into games, further extending the concept of Web3 Native.

Friendly Policies, Community Builds Web3 together

Even in a bear market, the expectations for the bull market are very strong. The power of community is the eternal engine for the operation and take-off of the project. Especially in the bear market, community building becomes the best timing.

Data such as community size, activity rate, and governance voting participation rate reflect the health of a community and provide reliable support and motivation for the project. No matter how the market fluctuates, the power of community is always an indispensable factor in the success of the Web3 project.

In 2023, Hong Kong chooses to actively embrace Web3. Three Dao is the first official co-organized community of Hong Kong Cyberport, focusing on cutting-edge innovation fields such as Web3 and AI.

AssetClub, as the first batch of incubation projects of the Three DAO Creation Camp, has policy and resource advantages as a Hong Kong team, with the encouragement of policies, Assetclub is committed to becoming a bridge for traditional financial users to enter web3.

Based on this concept, AssetClub creates a global community of digital asset investors within its App, using Ordinals/BRC20 to leverage its natural community attributes to build a borderless, decentralized, and shared investment world.

In the game, users can not only obtain digital assets such as game tokens ACC and NFT, but also trade these assets in the community, allowing users to truly own digital assets.

Inspired by immersive games, AssetClub creates the investor community as a unique “value social network”. Social value exists in the form of tokens. Low-level users need to pay ACC tokens to connect with high-level users, which improves the sense of social value and also makes users pay more attention to social relationships.

The original “social square” is a multi-level and multidimensional social space within the game. High-level users can access all content, while low-level users can only see content of the same level, thereby motivating users to upgrade their levels and protecting privacy. Through the value social network, AssetClub is committed to building a more fair, transparent and valuable social environment so that every user can find his or her own value and position.

AssetClub: Accelerate the era of digital assets and actively embrace the future

AssetClub is committed to helping global users accelerate their entry into the digital asset era, and allows users to have an in-depth experience of digital asset investment while having fun through a real simulated investment game.

AssetClub is not just a game, but also a global investor community, trying to lead users into the decentralized online world through Ordinals/BRC20 technology. It enables users to break geographical restrictions, allowing everyone to access Web3 more easily and reduce Web3 assets investment threshold, build a simpler and easier-to-use web3 product, promote the advent of the digital asset era, and provide investors around the world with unlimited possibilities for a journey of exploration.

About Assetclub

AssetClub, a mobile application based on Web3, just launched its investment game, and it plans to launch a decentralized investor community and a digital asset investment platform in the next step, aiming to lead global investors into a new era of digital assets by providing a fair and open investment platform based on a decentralized network.


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