Asked about job status three times in 37 seconds, Bill Belichick has one thing to say

Bill Belichick was asked three times Wednesday about a report that his time as New England Patriots head coach will be coming to an end after this season.

Guess what he said in response each time.

Come on, you know this.

Sure, there are hundreds of thousands of words in the English language and pretty much an infinite number of ways they can be combined to create a sentence. But this question has a zero degree of difficulty for anyone who has ever heard Belichick speak to reporters.

OK, here’s one hint — the Patriots are playing the Kansas City Chiefs this week.

Yeah, that gave it away, right?

During his media availability, Belichick was asked three times within 37 seconds about the report by Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston that Patriots owner Robert Kraft made a decision after a Week 10 loss to the Indianapolis Colts that he would part ways with Belichick after this season.

He gave the same non-answer every time.

The first time, Belichick was asked if it was his understanding that he wouldn’t be asked back for a 25th season as coach. His response — “Yeah, getting ready for Kansas City, that’s what I’m doing.”

Asked if he even wants to be back next year, Belichick responded, “Yeah, I’m getting ready for Kansas City.”

Finally, a reporter gave it one more shot, even prefacing his question by acknowledging the coach’s focus on preparing for the upcoming opponent: “While understanding that you’re getting ready for Kansas City, have you and Robert discussed your future beyond this season?”

Belichick gave the question some serious thought (just kidding) before responding, “Getting ready for Kansas City.”

There you have it. Classic Belichick, even during a season in which he coached the Patriots to double-digit losses for the first time (and there are still four games left).

Belichick is a living legend in New England after leading the Patriots to nine Super Bowls and winning six. Of course, all of that happened before quarterback Tom Brady left after the 2019 season (and immediately won another Super Bowl with Tampa Bay). Since then, Belichick and the Patriots have gone 28-35 with just one winning season, one playoff appearance and no playoff victories.

So, yeah, it would seem Kraft and the organization are in quite a pickle when it comes to the team’s future with Belichick. What will they do? There’s no easy answer to that question.

Oh, wait, yes there is: “Getting ready for Kansas City.”

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