Anya Taylor-Joy Just Wore the Controversial Flat Shoes That Always Divide Our Editors

While we know her for her impressive acting credentials, Anya Taylor-Joy has been busy as of late, quietly making a name for herself as one of the newest heavyweight players on the celebrity fashion scene. With a front-row seat at major runway shows—the actor was just spotted at Dior’s pre-autumn 2024 showcase—and a growing list of red carpet triumphs, Taylor-Joy’s flawless fashion reputation is almost on par with her accomplished acting one.

Taylor-Joy often reserves her public appearances for star-studded events, but the blossoming style icon was out this week in a masterfully assembled casual outfit that’s made me want to raid her wardrobe even more than I did before.

Anya Taylor-Joy styles Tabi loafers with straight leg jeans.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Crafting a casual outfit that combines new and enduring trends, Taylor-Joy’s ensemble struck the styling balance that all fashion people aim for. Selecting a leather biker jacket, straight-leg jeans, and a classic white vest top, she enlivened her timeless staples with Maison Margiela’s controversial Tabi loafers. Splitting fashion crowds and our editors alike, the growing Tabi trend has become one of the most divisive fashion items on the market. With a distinctive silhouette that features the brand’s signature split toes, the shoes celebrate a polished and classic design while indulging in a playful (and controversial) twist. Some people love them, while others hate them, and it seems Taylor-Joy falls into the former category.