And Now, 10 Chic Blazer Outfits I've Bookmarked to Wear This Winter

Regardless of the time of year, blazers are essential. Ideal for layering in the colder months or wearing as a lightweight cover-up when temperatures rise, blazers are—along with my jeans and extensive white T-shirt collection—one of the few things in my wardrobe I can legitimately say that I wear every season. But they feel particularly suitable for winter and its unpredictable weather, acting as easy outerwear for milder days, and an added layer that you can wear under your coat on chillier ones.

With so much wear, however, comes the risk of fatigue—of being stuck in some sort of outfit Groundhog Day–type scenario. Blazers deserve better, and more importantly, you deserve better. So I’ve rounded up 10 classic blazer outfits you can style on a whim and know they’re going to look chicer than chic. 

As seen on some of my favourite sources of fashion inspiration and utilising pieces I expect you’ll already have in your wardrobe, these classic blazer outfits might be simple, but they’ll never let you down. Scroll on to see them and, should you feel so inclined, shop the key items you’ll need to re-create them. 

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