Alexa Chung Just Wore the Pretty Party Trend That's All Over Zara and M&S

Tonight is the night—the Fashion Awards 2023 is well underway in a rainy London but, thankfully, that hasn’t deterred attendees from 1) showing up and 2) pulling out all the stops with their outfits. Held annually in early December, the event always ushers in the festive season in spectacular style and inspires me to up the ante when it comes to my own forthcoming party looks. The awards have yet to begin and I’ve already found the look I know I want to emulate, and it comes courtesy of Alexa Chung. 

A regular on the Fashion Awards guest list, Chung proves, year after year, why she’s deserving of her fashion icon status. Her 2023 look? It cements it in mortar. Arriving on the red carpet in a dress covered in large silver discs, she was impossible to miss. The creation, which was designed by 16Arlington, embodies the essence of party season—it’s fun, fabulous and acts like a roaming disco ball. Why attend the party when you can be the party, huh Alexa? 

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