A Brooklyn Townhouse Is a Marriage of Domestic Comfort With Artistic Elegance

When curating a space using collectible design and art, there will always be a delicate balance navigating the fine line between creating an impractical, museum-like atmosphere versus a cozy, functional home adorned with art-centric accents. In Jorge Brown Cott’s latest project, the Dominican Republic native was tasked in reimagining the interiors of a Brooklyn townhouse for a young family passionate about collectible design. The project showcases the work of emerging designers such as Sten Studio, Luke Malaney, Kouros Maghsoudi, and Jeremy Anderson.

A living room with a fireplace, abstract furniture, and a mirrored wall

Along with his design practice, Brown is also the founder of Design Week República Dominicana (DWRD), an annual event that brings together the design industry in his home country, featuring architecture, crafts, furniture design, and collectible objects. His experience and knowledge in the crafts and collectible world provided him with a unique and dynamic approach to the townhouse, effortlessly bridging the gap between art and functionality.

A spacious living room with large windows, green curtains, and a mix of collectible furniture

The residence showcases a thoughtful combination of gentle and rough elements, organic curves and hard lines. The soft goods are exaggerated in comfort and plushness, further contrasting against the juxtaposed natural stone and wooden pieces. Despite the contrasting materials, the pieces share a common thread in their use of substantial columns and voluminous shapes. The result is a home that seamlessly marries domestic comfort with the aesthetic allure of its surrounding art.

A minimalist corner with a single flower in a vase on a sculptural side table

A modern fireplace with a small artistic sculpture on a black side table in front

For his first United State’s project, Brown Cott sought to challenge the perception of collectible design as cold and impractical. “My goal was to make something cozy, homey, and timeless,” he explains, emphasizing a fresh take on functional art pieces. Brown Cott’s style defies easy categorization, drawing inspiration from diverse sources such as 1950s Italian cinema, Saint Laurent’s Morocco, and Central Asian textiles. His designs are deeply influenced by the artisanal traditions of the Dominican Republic and Latin America, resulting in interiors that blend elegance with unexpected elements.

A cozy corner with a plush, curved armchair, a small side table with a vase

A green velvet sofa next to a unique marble side table

A living room with a fireplace, abstract furniture, and a mirrored wall

A modern living room with a fireplace, a mirrored wall, and eclectic furniture

A close-up of a black and beige abstract-patterned rug

A stylish room with a round table, decorative vases

A modern kitchen with a sleek black backsplash, white countertop

A modern kitchen with a sleek black backsplash, white countertop

A cozy bedroom with a large window, white curtains, green bedding

For more information on Jorge Brown Cott’s work, visit jorgebrowncott.com.

Photography by Victor Stonem.

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