8 Spring Print Trends That Will Make You Want to Break Up With Quiet Luxury

Controversial take coming for you… I’m tired of how the term “quiet luxury” has been interpreted. Don’t get me wrong, the concept of investing in basics is something that I’ll always endorse. But as we’ve witnessed the mass popularization of minimalist aesthetics in the past few seasons, it feels as if something has gone missing from the mainstream. My theory? The magic is gone. Yes, style is subjective, but what’s irrefutable is that statement pieces are the spice of life. After all, anyone can own those traditional staples (e.g., classic button-down, wide-leg trousers, or flat sandals), but few can style them in a way that feels signature to them. The absent component in the current landscape is the acknowledgment that while the quiet luxury movement has been championed by more minimalist-leaning brands, that doesn’t mean you have to approach it from that lens. It’s more about approaching style with intention—finding the delicate balance between adopting bold trends and living in those “boring” but timeless things. 

While everyone’s approach to striking that balance with their style differs, one underrated way to do so is by wearing prints. In my humble opinion, there’s no easier way to add a dash of surprise and delight than by incorporating patterns into your closet. Not only can they add visual intrigue to any ensemble, but they can also be the easiest way to make those more timeless items more trend-forward. But if you are dubious about the power of prints, keep reading. Ahead, I’m breaking down the eight biggest prints from spring/summer 2024 collections that can bring back a sense of “serendipity” into everyday staples. Whether you’re a devout minimalist or maximalist, something ahead will speak to you (and it won’t be quietly).

spring print trend: animal print, models wearing animal prints in spring/summer 2024 collections

(Image credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight; PICTURED: Michael Kors; Jacquemus; Fendi)

Hear that sound? No, I’m not talking about the birds chirping but rather the continued noise surrounding one specific trend: animal prints. What’s kept this trend at the top of the fashion kingdom is how it has continuously evolved, even in more recent seasons. You can chart their adaptation in how F/W 23 collections featured life-like anatomical-shaped prints that were a bit harder to style. Meanwhile, S/S 24 shows had more traditional spotted patterns, making them more approachable. Admittedly, most “classic” critter motifs can sometimes feel cliché, but designers made them feel chic this season by incorporating them into contemporary silhouettes. 

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