8 Noteworthy Trends for 2024 That French Women Are Already Wearing

We often talk about how the French aesthetic is heavily built on wardrobe classics, never-date pieces that make getting dressed a simplified process. And while this stands to reason, I have noticed that the recent looks of the French people I closely follow have begun to mirror 2024’s overarching trends

French women seem to be tapping into the most important runway trends of 2024 early. From embracing the latest It hues to showcasing an update on the biggest shoe trend of the last year, Gallic girls are already gearing their wardrobes towards 2024. I, for one, plan on joining them. 

Scroll on to see the 2024 fashion trends French women are already backing, many of which I reckon you’ll have lurking somewhere in your wardrobe. If not, I’ve also shopped out some key buys for you, too. 

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