8 Layering Formulas That Will Make Everyone Think You Hired a Stylist

Hanna MW wearing a leather jacket and jeans

I personally think the ideal spring outfit perfectly marries fashion and function. Meaning: Layering is key. Some of the chicest autumn ensembles out there work flawlessly because they feature of-the-moment pieces all layered together in an effort to keep warm. While there are classic and timeless layering outfits—like a tee mixed with a cardigan, and perhaps a coat on top—there are actually a few key outfits I saved on IG that I think are particularly out of the ordinary.

The looks in question are all forward in nature and feel especially relevant. Due to this, I also think said outfits could earn you compliments thanks to their more creative feel. I’m talking about everything from ensembles that feature sweaters tied around blazers to those that highlight trendy pieces like sweater vests. Keep scrolling for a few spring layering outfit ideas, complete with shopping inspiration. Hey, you may just earn a compliment or two after testing out one of the solid looks ahead.

Button-Down Shirt + White Tee + Blazer

woman wearing a grey blazer, blue stripe shirt, and jeans

Waistcoat + Blazer + Long Coat

woman wearing a white coat and jeans and grey blazer in Copenhagen

V-Neck Sweater + White Tee + Leather Jacket + Jeans

Hanna MW wearing a leather jacket and jeans in Copenhagen

Layering a crisp white tee underneath your sweaters, especially a V-neck that shows off the contrasting colors, is the coolest way to wear your basics right now. Pair the combo with ’90s-inspired denim and a leather jacket for the freshest everyday outfit that’s secretly so easy to throw together.

Matching Sweater + Sweater Drape

woman wearing a navy sweater

Double the knits equals double the fun. Tap into the monochrome trend by wearing one sweater and tying another one in the same hue over your shoulders to match.

Pullover Sweater + White T-Shirt + Delicate Skirt

Jeannette Madsen wearing a camel sweater and sheer skirt

Pantsuit + Button-Down Shirt + Tank Top

Danielle Jinadu wearing a black suit and white tank top

Denim Overalls + Long Coat + Sneakers

Yusra Siddiqui wearing overalls and Vans checkered sneakers and beige trench coat

Turtleneck + Collarless Jacket

woman wearing a black collarless jacket

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