7 Ways to Style a Sequin Skirt That Channel Main Character Energy

There are two types of people in the world. Those  in the festive swing who have been playing Mariah Carey since October, and those who aren’t quite there yet. If you’ve already got the party playlist on, then you may be ready to embrace sequins in all their sparkly glory, but if you’re sticking to a classic, cold-weather wardrobe, you may need some gentle persuasion to embrace full-throttle sparkles. And this is where we come in. 

The sequin (and most likely midi) skirt has been making an appearance on our Instagram feeds a lot lately, and we are unashamedly here for it. Wondering how to wear sequin skirt outfits the cool way? Well, our advice is to follow the laid-back London look. Similar to wearing a dress with trainers or a suit with a t-shirt, wearing a sequin skirt with a casual chunky knit, a humble cardigan or a tank top is the way to style it this time around. Think Alexa Chung or Camille Charriere at a Christmas party–plenty of sparkle without a novelty knit in sight.

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