7 Chic Yet Cosy Jeans-and-Jumper Outfits I Want to Wear All Winter Long

Everyone has days when the thought of assembling a fresh look feels like too much effort—and on such days, it’s vital to have a fail-safe formula that can swoop in and come to the rescue. Personally, this ‘break glass for emergency’ outfit changes from season to season. Summer is for seersucker midi dresses and slide-on sandals, while during winter I spend most of the time in a jeans-and-jumper combination.

Not only do I love how this easy yet stylish pairing looks, it also has practical appeal. I’m cold by nature, so if I don’t wear knitwear in some form at this time of year I’ll be a nuisance to everyone around me, constantly lamenting my failure to pack on sufficient layers. And jeans? Well, they go with everything. So when you can’t quite decide on an winter colour palette, denim is a safe bet to throw into the mix.

All-in-all, this is a hassle-free solution to everyday dressing, and it’s fairly intuitive—but it’s only a matter of time before you inevitably start feeling a little bored with your well-worn jeans and jumpers. Thankfully, there’s a variety of nuanced ways to style these two staples together and we’ve rounded up some of the best examples. Keep scrolling for easy winter outfit inspiration.

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