6 Cold-Weather Outfits That Are Easy to Copy and Still Look Chic

From what I’ve gathered, people either relish dressing for cold weather or completely dread it. I’m in the cosy-loving camp, and you’ll rarely find me happier than when I’m buried under five layers of knitwear and thermals, but even I can recognise the occasional struggle of retaining style (and warmth) during the winter months.

While spring is inching ever closer, we’re certainly not out of the woods where bracing winds and cloudy skies are concerned. After doing some in-depth research (read: googling the weather forecast), I’m expecting temperatures to average out at about 10 degrees over the next couple of weeks. Brrr.

While we wait for the sun to appear, we might as well plan some chic outfits to tide us over the final months of winter. The aim is to keep the biting air out without looking ridiculously bulky—it’s not always as simple as it sounds, but it can be if you know where to look for inspiration. Cue six influencers who are bona fide experts in dressing for all seasons, and the easy-to-copy looks they’re relying on to brave the January chill.

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