5 Ways to Wear Pedal Pushers That You'll Make You Rethink Wide-Leg Trousers

Twenty years ago we might have been happy to throw on a baby tee or a halter neck with our pedal pushers, but the 2024 way to elevate the look is with longline tops, boxy jackets and polished accessories. (Think high/low, business/casual luxury styling). For me, the winning formula is as simple as boxy blazer + white tee + pedal pushers + kitten heel mules, but there’s a dressy outfit for every style, and as a rule of thumb, if it looks good with leggings, it’ll work for pedal pushers too. 

So, should your interest in pedal pushers be piqued and you’re wondering how to make them work for weekends, work and play, keep scrolling to 5 ways to wear pedal pushers this year. 

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