5 Trainer Trends We’re Seeing Less and Less of in 2024

While there has always been a place for trainers in my shoe collection, I have to admit, I’ve never been that into them from a style perspective. While I’ve always understood the allure—comfort being one of the main benefits of such footwear—I’d just never found a pair that really spoke to my aesthetic. I’m something of a classicist, so the trainers I did reach for were always canvas Supergas—timeless trainers that never go out of style and don’t command any sort of attention.

That was until the trainer market became what it is today, as I type this, in 2024. My interest in them began to pique around the time New Balance 550s came on the scene a couple of years ago, the success of which on social media and its infiltration into the wardrobes of chic dressers I follow sparked something in me. Was it finally time for me to embrace trainers?

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