5 States That Incentivize People to Relocate There

You might think that the five states people are moving away from the most would be the ones trying the hardest to gain new residents, but that is not the case, according to a new report from MakeMyMove.com. The states losing residents fastest are Alaska, New York, Illinois, California and Wyoming.

Five other states are targeting remote workers, offering financial incentives to get them to move to the area. Relocation bonuses for those seeking affordable housing and a lower cost of living can be a dealmaker for some, and if successful, also brings professionals to those states, helping to revitalize their towns.

Here are the five states and/or towns that not only have strong relocation programs, but with home prices on the lower end of the national spectrum.

West Virginia

The Mountain State offers beautiful national parks and recreation. The state’s Ascend WV program offers a $12,000 relocation bonus, plus a pass for a year’s worth of free outdoor activity. Some towns and regions will add even more money to get you to relocate to the area, bringing the total to $20,000. The state’s median housing price of $157,272 is another incentive, as it is the second-most affordable state for homeownership in the country.


Tulsa’s median house price is just $196,774. Those thinking of moving to the area should check the Tulsa Remote program, which offers $10,000 relocation packages to remote workers willing to relocate. The incentive includes a $2,500 upfront payment for moving expenses, a monthly stipend for the first year and a $1,500 payment at the end of the year to help with housing costs.


Several communities in the Bluegrass State, one of the top five affordable housing markets in the country, offer relocation packages. Far eastern Johnson County and the Ohio River town of Owensboro lead the way. Kentucky also has the fifth-most affordable housing market in the country, making it very appealing for remote workers.


Located in the heart of the Midwest, the state’s median housing price is still relatively low at $227,178. With a low cost of living and low unemployment, those interested in moving to the area should check out towns like Marion and Angola, where cash handouts for new arrivals start at $5,000.


Anyone moving to Kansas can seek a state income tax waiver. That, plus affordable housing, and cities like Topeka offering up to $15,000 in incentives make it tempting for those considering a relocation. 

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