5 Great Tips for Building Your Own Shed

A shed is a wonderful thing to have. It has so many different uses, and can be customised in any way you wish. It could be used solely for storing tools and garden implements. Or it could even be kitted out as a home office or hangout area. It could be large or small, modern or rustic. The choice is yours and the options are endless.

But if your DIY skills are limited to putting up the odd shelf or hanging a painting on the wall, the prospect of building your own might be a little overwhelming. But fortunately, constructing a shed is surprisingly easy if you have the right tools and resources to hand. All it takes is a little planning and careful organisation to make it happen.

To help you get started with your garden construction project, here are five great tips for building your own shed at home. 

Make a plan

Before you begin, it’s necessary to make a plan for your shed. What style of building are you going to opt for? What features and design elements do you want it to include? What will it be used for? Identifying this information from the outset will enable you to stay focused throughout your task and visualize the finished product. It will reduce the risk of mistakes and ensure your project is completed as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Acquire the materials

There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through a DIY project before realising you’ve forgotten to buy a crucial piece of equipment. It slows everything down and wastes considerable time. Although you might be itching to get started right away, be patient and make sure you have all the tools you need for your project, right down to the very last screw. The items you need will include the wood for your shed’s structure, a shed base, paint, glass for the windows, as well as a hammer, screwdriver, and other important kit. Most good quality hardware stores will be able to provide the bulk of these items. Any more specialist tools may need to be ordered online.

Prepare your garden

Even a small shed can take up a considerable space in your garden, so it’s a good idea to prepare the location before you begin. You may need to clear the area, cutting back foliage and clearing any debris. You’ll no doubt then need to prepare the ground for a foundation. Ensure there are no low-hanging branches that might get in the way once you start erecting the shed, and ensure it is well placed to make a strong visual impact.

Start building

Now that your preparation is complete, it’s time to start building. Make sure to be patient and start slow, especially if this is your first big project. You may make mistakes along the way, but you will learn from them and hopefully they will not prove to be irreparable.

Enjoy your shed

Once your shed is built, you can enjoy it to your heart’s content! It may need the odd lick of paint or minor repair job over the years, but if you’ve built it well it should last you a very long time.

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