30 Toteme, Khaite and The Row Winter Staples That Are Actually Worth the Money

When it comes to curating a responsible and reliable wardrobe these days, it’s much less about buying new items every season and more about investing in smarter, longer-lasting buys. We’re talking classics you look forward to pulling out every year rather than short-lived pieces that quickly go out of fashion or don’t have the quality to last beyond a few washes.  

Whether your budget stretches to the best of the high street or The Row’s most luxurious pieces, when you’re looking to make these purchases, it just makes environmental, financial and sartorial sense to opt for timeless designs you won’t ever get bored of. For budget-friendlier options, the Who What Wear UK team turns to brands like Arket and Me + Em, which prioritise quality over trends. But if you’ve got money to spend and you’re wanting to know which investment buys are truly worth it, there are three brands that I, and my fellow editors, always recommend.

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