3 Reasons Your Business Can’t Completely Rely on AI

AI technology has taken hold of the real estate industry, and most agents don’t want it to let go. 

In AI’s early days, RISMedia shared strategies for real estate professionals to experiment with the tech, and as we’ve kept documenting, agents have found ways to save time with AI. However, with the hype surrounding AI, it can quickly become a crutch. 

Here are three important reasons why you shouldn’t completely rely on AI for your real estate business:

Writing listings

An obvious use any agent can see for AI is to generate captions or listing descriptions based on property photos. However, mere copy and paste from ChatGPT won’t take you all the way. 

Calling these text generation programs “intelligence” is a misnomer; ChatGPT doesn’t think, it regurgitates information from a pre-existing pool of online data. That’s why the idea of outsourcing wholesale writingwhich demands thought, perspective and creativity—is fallacious. 

A pitfall many agents face in writing listing descriptions is not going the extra mile to make the copy impactful. The words complement the listing images, they’re not just fluff. People, prospective clients included, can spot robotic writing, and it’s unpleasant to read; their eyes will glaze over and they might move on to a different listing. A human touch will go a long way.

You still need to fact check 

It is important to double check before using the products of AI, since the programs aren’t always as reliable as you’d hope. For instance, make sure the writing actually aligns with the listing photos or the property as you’ve observed it with your own eyes. 

Moreover, Google the text you’ve been given by the AI program. It was created by scanning pre-existing real estate listings, so make sure it’s exactly the sources so that you’re not a plagiarist.

Editing is an essential skill, even without AI. You’ll save yourself headaches by double-checking your work for correctness. If you can’t even trust yourself without a second look, don’t trust a computer. 

Identity theft

Any technological advancements can be used maliciously, and AI is no different. Real estate companies—due to hosting their customers’ most personal information—will always be a target for ransomware attacks. 

AI, with voice and facial mimicry, is a powerful new tool for identity thieves to get past cybersecurity protocols. Just like you should be extra diligent with AI text, be extra aware of AI-aided identity theft.

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