22 Chic Party Bags We'd Gladly Carry On Our Arms Forever

Like shoes, holidays and spa treatments, we believe that bags are something we can’t have just one of. In fact, we find ourselves needing a “daytime” bag, a “best” bag, an “I need to fit in my trainers, my entire makeup collection and a Kit Kat for emergencies” kind of bag, and, of course, a “going out” bag. But in our opinion, there’s no way we can justify reserving the fun bags for after-dark only. 

We fully approve of the juxtaposition of a sequin bag with a crisp white shirt and baggy jeans. Or a tailored look with a statement metallic bag. This is the season to go all out, so don’t let your favourite party bags collect dust on your shelf, wear them at any given opportunity. 

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