2026 Cadillac Vistiq interior spied, reveals big screens, sleek design

The 2026 Cadillac Vistiq was “revealed” late last year in a pair of exterior photos, but Caddy wasn’t as forthcoming with interior photos of the three-row SUV. That changes today as one of our spy shooters just caught the insides of a Vistiq test vehicle to reveal its secrets.

Like the Lyriq, the Vistiq’s main element is the single-piece, curved display stretching across the dash. However, the similarities end right there. Instead of the Lyriq, the Vistiq’s other elements look much more like the even bigger Escalade iQ. None of the Lyriq’s physical switchgear under the infotainment system is present, and in its place is a funky, thin air-vent. Below the dash is a tilted display that you’ll also see on the Escalade iQ where all of your climate controls and various other car controls are run through. As a bit of an ownership preview, it looks to be covered in dust that unsurprisingly gathers on such a horizontal, glossy surface.


The right side of the dash doesn’t house a passenger screen like the Escalade iQ, as Caddy places another wide and thin air vent directly in front of the passenger. Look to the door panel, and you’ll notice some classy wood trim with a metal surround. Another similarity to the Escalade iQ presents itself here with all of the seat controls being placed on the door. Both seat adjustment, heated/ventilated control and memory presets are all put in easy reach on the panel.

Other neat details we’ll point out include the door pocket motif that matches the design seen on the rear-most side window, a column shifter and the very recognizable Super Cruise light bar on the steering wheel. We’ve included exterior shots of the Vistiq for you to scroll through in the gallery at the top of this post, but if you really want to get a solid look at the production car’s exterior, make sure to just head to our official reveal post.

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