2024 Honda Civic Type R jumps by $1,900 over 2023's original pricing

2023 Honda Civic Type R at Nurburgring

Everything is more expensive these days, putting a strain on consumers, companies, and governments. Automakers are no exception to the rule, as the complex vehicles they manufacture require pricey parts from global suppliers. Vehicles usually become slightly more expensive each year to account for regular inflation and expenses, but the increase is generally a few hundred dollars at most. Honda recently hiked the price of a new Civic Type R by $1,900, far exceeding the normal yearly increases to account for sharply rising costs.

The automaker told Motor1 that it increased the Type R’s price due to “higher costs associated with production and logistics and is taking effect with the 2024 model year.” The car now has an MSRP of $44,795, and that’s before Honda applies the $1,095 destination charge, bringing the price to $45,890.

Oh, and you can only get black or red for that price. Blue, pearl white, and gray all add $455. Buyers can also drive the price to well over $50,000 with the $5,350 R Performance kit, which brings a carbon wing, 19-inch wheels, and more. That said, the car comes with plenty of features out of the box, so most people will be happy without the added-cost gear.

It’s important to note that Honda’s original pricing for the Type R started at $43,990 in late 2022, but pricing had increased to $44,890 by early May 2023. While the 2024 model’s pricing is only $1,000 more than the last-seen 2023 MSRPs, it’s $1,900 more than the car was at the start.

As the severe lack of Civic Type R inventory and incredible dealer markups prove, Honda has had no trouble selling the car at these prices. While we don’t know the final transaction prices, a quick stroll through any auto listing site shows several cars with $10,000 or more in dealer add-ons.

The Honda Civic Type R’s price increase didn’t translate to other Civic models. As Motor1 pointed out, the Civic Si only got a $300 increase. Interestingly, the related Acura Integra only got a $200 bump for 2024. The Integra Type S debuted as a 2024 model with a $51,995 price tag after destination.

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