2024 Chicago Auto Show Live Blog: What's what in the Windy City

The 2024 Chicago Auto Show press preview is shaping up to be a bit paltry, with only a couple of manufacturers presenting new models to the automotive media. Chicago remains a force among American consumer auto shows and still claims to be the largest such exposition on the American circuit, even in 2024. That ain’t nothin’. 

Autoblog News Editor Joel Stocksdale will be on the ground, looking for the fun items that aren’t being spoon-fed to absentee outlets. Stay tuned throughout the next two days as we search under the rugs and between the couch cushions at McCormick Place in hopes of finding something worthwhile to share with all of you. Failing that, we hear Subaru has dogs. Worst case scenario, Autoblog becomes Doggoblog for two days in February. That doesn’t sound so bad, right?



  • And we’re live!

    Welcome to the first of the 2024 Chicago Auto Show’s two media days. There’s no sugar-coating it; we’re expecting a slow drip with a show this modest being spread out over 48 hours of potential coverage, but we’re determined to make the most of it just the same. Stocksdale’s on his way to the floor and we should have our first live updates here shortly. Stay tuned!

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