2023 West Regional Rookie of the Year Keaton Bankofier Highlights the Pillars of Perpetual Value

In an age where the instant gratification of real estate apps can cloud our ability to see the bigger picture, the trust and confidence gained by working with a real estate agent has never been more important. While providing value in real estate might seem like an elementary concept, Keaton Bankofier of John L. Scott Real Estate in Oregon, has maintained that providing value is the key to agent success, as well as something that is consistently improved upon.

As one of five Regional Rookie of the Year winners in RISMedia’s second annual Real Estate Rookie of the Year award program—sponsored by industry education leader Colibri Real Estate—Bankofier has impressed his colleagues and growing client base with his commitment to being responsive, trustworthy and attentive to the needs and concerns of his clients. 

“My real estate journey has been incredibly enlightening, and I’ve experienced such growth in such a short period,” says Bankofier, who has earned a top producer title with John L. Scott Real Estate, which he credits to his industry understanding, commitment to cultivating long-lasting relationships and continuously nurturing his network. 

“I make it a daily goal to acquire new knowledge, and this continuous learning has started to add up,” he says. “Achieving success in real estate is a collective effort, and I’m deeply grateful for all the individuals who have supported me along the way.”

Bankofier’s success largely stems from the mentality that providing value happens both during a transaction as well as outside of one. “If you can provide more value, then it gains your business trust, loyalty and long-term relationships,” says Bankofier. “To accomplish this, it’s important to communicate quickly, be unique and be in-person. I have now built a broad range of industry relationships so that I can refer my clients to almost anybody, no matter what their needs are.”

As a newcomer in his field, Bankofier proves that a trustworthy and honest agent never goes unnoticed—even without a long track record. “My most significant challenge to overcome as a new agent was persuading clients to choose me as their agent despite my limited experience,” Bankofier explains. “I conquered this obstacle by surrounding myself with a supportive team, projecting unwavering confidence and showcasing expertise in specific areas of real estate,” says Bankofier, who explains that crafting a daily schedule for himself was key. “I’ve always been an advocate for maintaining a ‘championship’-level routine.”

Guided by the significant support and motivation from his peers, Bankofier insists that paying it forward for new-agent success is another way to provide lasting value. “I follow a philosophy where I try to spend time with three groups: those I mentor, those at a similar level as myself and those who are much more successful than myself,” says Bankofier. “This dynamic allows me to learn from the brightest minds, engage in healthy competition and exchange ideas with peers and provide valuable coaching to others.”

When it comes to maximizing his own growth potential, Bankofier aligns his vision for the future toward being a constant go-to for his clients while continuing to gain new knowledge and expand his horizons. “I believe I’m just scratching the surface of my potential. I’m dedicated to this journey of constant learning and the pursuit of excellence. I love the quote from Albert Einstein, ‘The day you stop learning is the day you start dying.’ I just hope that I can make God proud, the people that believe in me proud, and continue to get better and progress forward every single day.”

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