2023 Northeast Regional Rookie of the Year Eric Landry Puts His Best Authentic Self Forward

With over 20 years of experience as a consultant serving clients at the highest level, it’s no surprise that Eric Landry—an agent with Falmouth, Maine-based Portside Real Estate Group—has excelled in his inaugural years as an agent.

“The most important thing you can do as you start building your brand—your name—is wanting to be your absolute most authentic self every single day of the week,” says Landry, one of five Regional Rookie of the Year winners in RISMedia’s second annual Real Estate Rookie of the Year award program—sponsored by industry edu-
cation leader, Colibri Real Estate. “I try to bring exactly who I am into every phone call and every meeting.”

Regardless of the size of the home, Landry can tap into his personal experience and connect with his clients on a deeper level.

“I don’t care if it’s a mobile home or if it’s a $2.4 million mansion, I’m approaching it with the same level of passion and the same level of authenticity,” Landry says. “I have a way to relate authentically—because of my experiences—to the entire socioeconomic spectrum.”

This principle of authenticity is also reflected in Landry’s motivations when working with a client. Rather than simply shooting for the sale, Landry strives to seek out the best fiduciary outcome possible.

“If I can have a positive impact on the biggest financial decision that a couple or a family or an individual will make in their lives, that’s huge,” Landry says. “And it’s very rewarding because I have changed this individual’s life for the better.”

In addition, Landry’s desire to learn has had a resounding impact on his rapid growth.

“The key to success in any profession is all about surrounding yourself with those who are achieving the same level of success and going in the direction that you want to go in yourself,” Landry says. “On top of that, it’s important to match that level of investment with your own education.”

With the help of his peers and mentors, as well as insight from multiple books, Landry has continued to expand his skillset and learn how to approach sales from a new angle. He cites Larry Kendall’s “Ninja Selling: Subtle Skills. Big Results.” as the catalyst for his perspective on client interactions.

“For all of my life, I’ve been professionally trained by corporations on how to sell: You need to pitch a certain thing a certain way so that your audience thinks in your favor,” Landry says. “Kendall’s book is all about flipping that idea on its head. Your entire premise becomes serving your client to the best of your ability to obtain their best outcome.”

In addition, after reading “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson, Landry emphasizes the importance of constantly seeking growth.

“Every person on this planet is going in two directions: You’re either going down, or you’re going up. You’re either expanding your education and improving your life, or you’re letting slight, small bad habits pull you down.”

Landry capitalizes on this concept by incorporating the consistency of change into his daily practice.

“The sooner you can become accepting of impermanence, the better you’re going to enjoy each day,” he says. “Even though it might be new, even though it might be different, even though it might be challenging, you’ll enjoy it more.”

Landry is honored to receive recognition for his achievements.

“It means that my hard work, passion for my clients and my career as well as my results are being recognized in the best way possible,” he concludes.

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