16 Fun French-Manicure Ideas I've Saved for My February Salon Trip

When I was little, there were three things that I knew would be the mark of true adulthood: long weave, lots of lip gloss and a French manicure. Yes, I was a teen of the noughties. There was something about a French manicure that just screamed sophistication for me, and even though, as an adult, I have a ton of other nail options, the French manicure still has such a grip on the nail designs that I save on Pinterest and Instagram. The reason that this manicure never gets old is that it is so easy to reinvent with little design additions and the entire colour spectrum to play with. You can adapt it to any season with different hues, sparkles and glitter. Or you can go super simple, classic and pared-back. The list really goes on when it comes to French manicure ideas.

Here are just some of the designs I have screenshotted as potentials for my next salon trip.

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