14 Beauty Editors Share Their Most Complimented, Head-Turning Perfumes

Trying a new perfume can be like trying on an alter-ego, or a spritz of confidence when you want to feel your best. And sometimes there’s nothing like wearing a fragrance that generates admiration every time you wear it. Tell me a higher beauty compliment than someone asking what perfume you’re wearing—I’ll wait. To find out the most-complimented perfumes of all time, I asked beauty editors and the Who What Wear UK team to share the fragrances that always generate comments when they wear them—positive ones of course! I’m talking about the scents that have people chasing you down the road to ask what perfume you’re wearing or garner the most attention in restaurants, bars and bathrooms.

Scroll ahead to see the fragrances that bring in the compliments for us, and you can thank us later.

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