10 Top Habits of High-Performing Real Estate Teams

The winning formula to build and scale a successful real estate team in today’s market requires several must-haves, including a positive culture, a powerful marketing reach, effective communication and more. Here are 10 top habits of high-performing real estate teams to consider if you’re looking to form a team. 

A strong culture established by the team leader, in which every team member is fully committed to working together toward success, can help teams excel. A positive culture helps foster teamwork, dedication, commitment and a forward-thinking vision for achieving collective goals.

  • Provide value to your team

Agents on a team want to know their team leads are investing in their future business with programs that help them gain exposure and generate leads. Teams with Zillow Showcase, for instance, are able to expand their marketing reach and gain powerful exposure on Zillow with an elevated listing experience featuring immersive, interactive media, prioritized placement in personalized search results and dedicated email alerts sent to prospective buyers. 

  • Effectively communicate goals and vision
    Members should be aware of weekly objectives and overall team goals to align their efforts. The team leader can play a crucial role in directing and leading the teams toward success through regular meetings and effective communication, as weekly meetings help create the “flywheel” of activities that lead to high performance every week.
  • Build a strong support team
    The success of a large team may heavily depend on the support staff handling daily tasks efficiently. By hiring the right support staff and delegating responsibilities effectively, the team leader can focus on leading while ensuring operational tasks are managed smoothly.
  • Stay on brand
    When executed effectively, the team’s co-branding aligns with the brokerage and helps enhance brand recognition. Showcase can help by providing an elevated branding experience with every Showcase listing featuring the agent’s bio, photo and contact information, making it easier for interested buyers to connect with the agent. 
  • Hold your team accountable
    A competent team leader will ensure accountability among their agents. Team leaders should regularly follow up with agents and assist them in taking necessary actions on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to help them accomplish their objectives.
  • Balance roles for top team performance
    A study from Harvard Business Review indicates that individuals’ personalities can play a significant role in how they interact with the team and whether their values align with the team’s values. The research suggests that teams can help boost their performance by representing a mix of results-oriented, pragmatic and relationship-focused individuals as well as process and rule followers and innovative and disruptive thinkers.
  • Emphasize knowledge sharing and collaboration
    High-performing teams tend to actively seek and share knowledge, ideas and solutions from external sources. You may establish internal communication channels like email lists or chat rooms for exchanging insights. Organize educational sessions like “lunch and learn” where team members can present their expertise, or divide the team into smaller groups to brainstorm solutions for complex problems. 
  • Replicate what works
    Implementing structured processes for lead generation, sales, client follow-up and customer service can help team members to operate efficiently and ensure every client receives the same high level of service. Developing well-established systems also helps manage administrative tasks effectively while enabling team members to focus on customer relationships.
  • Evaluate your systems
    If you aim to accelerate your team’s productivity and grow into a highly successful team generating substantial revenue, evaluate your systems, team members and leadership abilities. Consider the following questions:
  • Are you delegating tasks and communicating effectively?
  • Do you have systems in place? 
  • Do you conduct weekly team meetings, setting goals and aligning your team with culture-building approaches? 

By implementing a plan that incorporates the 10 key elements above, you can help build your real estate business into a successful, top-performing team.

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